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How To Properly Clean Leather Shoes And Boots

The correct cleaning and care of leather shoes will prolong their life and will save you from unnecessary expenses. However, if you want to wear a pair of shoes for a long time you need to spend a little time for their care. You need: – A soft cotton cloth – A special shoe brush – Special solution for cleaning …

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Everything you need to know about cleaning your laundry naturally

How much money you spend weekly on cleaning products? You can get the same benefits with few natural ingredients: vinegar, lemon and baking soda. 1. Laundry whitening As you already know, the most widely used chemical for bleaching the clothes is chlorine. Besides the products of this kind are very toxic to the environment, they thin textile fibers, causing them …

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How to whiten laundry with 5 natural methods

In order to prevent household accidents caused by using bleach, in today’s article we will show you how to wash and whiten laundry using 5 eco-friendly methods. To get rid of stains on fabric and to regain the original white, you need to use natural products (that you usually have in the house). White vinegar In addition to being a …

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How to remove rust stains out of laundry

We all hate stains on clothes, and rust is definitely one of the most disturbing. It seems almost impossible to clean it and the washing machine can’t face this problem. If you have rust stains on clothes, don’t worry! You can remove them using a few tricks. The most important thing is to clean the stain as soon as you …

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Yellow stains on white clothes? Remove them using household products!

Have you noticed yellow stains on your clothes? Here’s how to get rid of them! How to remove yellow sweat stains Traces of sweat left on garments are inevitable and difficult to remove, but not impossible. Here’s what remedies you can apply against the yellow sweat stains: Aspirin: Before you lose hope that you’ll never be able to remove yellow …

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