Winter is a funny season, even if temperatures are kind of low. You can have plenty of outdoor activities, and enjoy snow, but what do you do when ice appears on sidewalks? Well, and old and very knows trick is to sprinkle salt over to melt it.

So salt melts the ice, but leaves behind some traces hard to clean, especially if you don’t leave your shoes outside the door (and if you leave in apartment, it’s impossible).

This way your floor will stain quickly, and if you don’t wipe the floor immediately, you can ruin it! And the saving solution to clean salt stain from your wooden floors is here!

You need:

  • 1 part vinegar
  • 2 parts water

First of all, vacuum the area very well, and then mix the above ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray all over the affected surface, let it cat for a few minutes, let’s say 5-7 minutes, and then wipe the floor well with a cloth soaked in water. You can easily use the mop!

That’s all! Salt stains are gone now!

Image Credits: Acmejanitor

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