Snow can leave salt stains on shoes, and in some cases, they are very difficult to remove from certain materials such as leather.

To efficiently clean salt stains from leather shoes, you need:

  • water
  • a clean cloth
  • white vinegar
  • an onion

How to proceed?

Moisten the cloth in water, squeeze well, and remove, as much as you can, the salt from the surface. If the stains are fresh, they will be cleaned more easily, so don’t leave your boots dirty after getting back inside the house.

Now, mix the vinegar with an equal amount of water, and moisten the cloth in this mixture and wipe the shoes gently until you get rid of salt stains. If this mixture won’t remove the salt stains completely, try to wipe them using only vinegar. Vinegar can be very corrosive on leather shoes, so it would be a good idea to use a shoe cream or a special leather solution not to ruin your boots.

If vinegar has not removed the salt stains, cut an onion in half and rub the stains with it. Then clean the debris with lukewarm water and apply a special leather conditioner.

Image Credits: Manemanblog

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