Since the temperatures dropped considerably in the thermometers, I went shopping and purchased a fantastic pair of suede boots, but I didn’t enjoy wearing them for too long. Why? Well, while I was eating a delicious buritto, a stubborn piece decided to fall on my boots, leaving behind an awful grease stain. Lucky me!

I was a bit disappointed, thinking that I can’t wear my lovely suede boots anymore, but my personal cleaning instructor, as I like to call mom, saved the boots with some trustworthy cleaning methods.

It seems that cornstarch is the best method to remove grease stains from suede. At least it worked perfectly for my boots, and I want to share this precious information with you!

You need:

  • Cornstarch
  • Soft white eraser
  • Some vinegar
  • A soft toothbrush

How to remove grease stains on your suede items

First step
Apply some cornstarch over the greasy stain and let it sit overnight to absorb the oil. In the morning, brush well the cornstarch. Apply several times if needed.

Second step
With a soft white eraser, brush the area to lift the nap up so it won’t look matte.

Third step
I managed to remove the greasy stain using the first two methods, but some stains are incredible stubborn and they won’t go. So, you need to apply the third step.
Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and rub gently the spot using back-and-forth motions, then use a cotton cloth to dab off the excess fluid.

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