Cigarette smoke is extremely dangerous, both for smokers and for passive smokers. Smoking is considered to be one of the most harmful health habits and occupies the first place in a yearly deaths ranking.

Smoking causes more annual deaths than illegal drugs, car crime and accidents, all gathered together. However, smoking is a form of harmful addiction, most smokers say that they smoke in their personal car. The smell of cigarettes is not very pleasant and doesn’t get out of your car even if you quit smoking. That’s exactly why, if you’re a smoker, but you don’t want the inside of your car to smell like cigarette smoke, take into account the following tips.

1. Put a damp napkin in the ashtray to avoid the ash flew into the car interior. Always throw the ash and wash the ashtray.
2. Get rid of unnecessary things in the car.
3. Vacuum the inside of the car and wipe the interior with a cloth damped in vinegar.
4. Clean the seat covers.

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