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6 Cleaning Tips To Remove Rust And Mold Stains From PVC Frames

Any cleaning maniac knows very well the struggle of cleaning the windowsills, because all the dirt accumulates there and it’s very hard to be removed. After a cold and long winter, here comes spring cleaning! Of course there are a lot of hard-to-clean areas in the house, but I honestly tell you that cleaning the windowsills was a challenge. Well, …

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Easy, Cheap And Effective Trick To Demist Your Windscreen In A Few Seconds

During the cold season, every driver faces with this problem: windscreen demisting. Every mechanic will tell you to change the pollen filter or to clean the AC. Or, you will buy different solutions to solve this problem. But there are also simple tricks that drivers have learned from their own experience to demist their windscreens. The good news is that …

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