Any cleaning maniac knows very well the struggle of cleaning the windowsills, because all the dirt accumulates there and it’s very hard to be removed.

After a cold and long winter, here comes spring cleaning! Of course there are a lot of hard-to-clean areas in the house, but I honestly tell you that cleaning the windowsills was a challenge. Well, I found some quick cleaning secrets which helped me a lot in removing any spot of dirt.  

1. Wet baby towels are your number one helper in removing dust on the windowsill quick and effectively.  

2. If your kids draw on the windowsill (mine did!), you can remove pen or iodine traces with the following solution:

  • mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water, pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray over the stains. Let it act for 10 minutes, and then remove it easily with a clean cloth.

3. To remove stains from the PVC windowsill you can easily mix laundry detergent with water to obtain a paste. Now, apply on the stains, let it act for 15 minutes, and then remove it with a damp cloth.

4. This is my grandma’s trick: she actually puts laundry soap (solid) in a pair of old stockings, soaks it in water, and then starts rubbing the stains from the window sills with it. Trust me, no ammonia will remove dust and dirt better than this stocking soap.

5. Rust of PVC windowsill can be easily removed with a solution made from equal parts of vinegar and water. Be careful not to touch the rubber band on of the window because it will corrode it.

6. Baking soda is very effective in fighting mold. Mix baking soda and water to obtain a paste and apply it to areas affected by mold. After 30 minutes thoroughly clean the surface with a sponge, and then wash with water.