When you think air fryer, you probably picture french fries, chicken nuggets, and the like. But there’s SO much more you can make with that bad boy! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even desserts are a breeze to cook in this magical little device.

Did you just purchase an air fryer and you’re wondering what you can do with it? Here are 8 Best Air Fryer Tips for Beginners that will help you make the most out of your air fryer.

⬜ Always Preheat Before Cooking – Think of your air fryer like a little oven. If yours doesn’t have a preheat feature, allow it to warm up for 3-5 minutes before you begin cooking.

⬛ Spray the Basket – Even if your recipe doesn’t call for oil, be sure to spray the basket’s bottom for best results! You can use cooking spray, butter, or grease it with a little olive oil.

🟫 Don’t Overfill the Basket – Cook in batches if you need to! It’s important not to let your food overlap. If you try to squeeze too much in, you may end up with a soggy, undercooked mess. Easy does it!

🟪 Flip or Shake Foods You Want Crispy – If you’re cooking french fries or chicken wings, flip them halfway through or remove the basket and shake. This helps them crisp evenly.

🟦 Invest in Baking Pans & Accessories – These air fryer accessories will make life so much easier and cleaning a breeze!

🟩 Have Fun & Experiment – We think this tip is the most important! Once you get the hang of cooking with your air fryer, have some fun with it. Branch out and try new things! You’ll get used to the cooking times, breading methods, and more, so use your knowledge to create new recipes.

🟨 Clean your air fryer when finished using – Before cleaning your air fryer make sure it’s completely cooled. Then use a mild detergent to wipe clean. A quick and simple way to dry your air fryer is to replace the basket after it’s been washed and turn on the air fryer for a couple of minutes to dry the basket.

🟧 Shake or turn halfway through cooking – When using your air fryer make sure to pause halfway through cooking to shake your food or turn it with a good pair of heat resistant tongs.
A quick shake or turn will allow your food to cook more evenly.

🟥 Important: Please remember that the suggested times and temp may not work for “All” fryers. The frying times and temps can depend on a model, how loaded the basket with food is, and the end result that you like.

Here’s an easy air fryer cooking chart to use as a guide to the amazing recipes you will be making in your air fryer. Hope you find it helpful.