When it comes to laundry, mixing whites and colored items is not recommended. Apart from being prone to staining, whites can also become yellowish very easily, a problem that is very difficult to resolve.
Sweat, dust, and certain detergents can alter the natural color of whites. The clothes we love will become old and dirty over time.

It’s good news that there are many natural solutions to this “unsolvable” problem. The whitening effect of this DIY cleaner will help you get rid of these stains.

Cold milk

Our grandmothers used this ancient method, and it is still effective today. The following method is a foolproof way to remove yellow stains from white clothes.


▪ 2 cups (500 ml) of milk
▪ 1 cup (250 ml) of water
▪ 6 ice cubes


✅ Put the ice cubes in milk and add a cup of cold water.
✅ Soak the whites in this solution for 1 hour.
✅ After 1 hour, do your laundry in the washing machine using your usual detergent. Stains on whites are now removed!