Confetti and glitter will never die, even if Christmas is over! The party season is still running and confetti is both fun to throw and pretty as it falls. Someone has to create memorable moments at the party by filling balloons with glitter and confetti and then to pop it up. As I said earlier this is incredible fun, but confetti landing on your floor and carpet creates a big mess and someone has to clean it up. This is the most annoying part in cleaning after a party – not the dishes nor the spilled cake on the carpet, just handpicking the confetti from the carpet, floor or curtains, because these tiny-colored pieces of paper can land anywhere in the room.

Some people forbid the use of confetti at parties due to the mess it creates. However, some people shouldn’t be so Grinch like and let other have some fun and throw confetti up in the air, because there are some quick tricks to clean up confetti easily. Let’s see what I’m talking about!

Very Important! You should recruit some help such as your kids, husband, parents.

Supplies needed:

  • big black garbage bags
  • vacuum cleaner
  • hand vacuum
  • broom
  • feather duster
  • cleaning wipes
  • compressed air can
  • small rake

Cleaning Process:

1. Use a broom to brush off any confetti on the ceiling and light fixtures.
2. Use a feather duster to gently dust off bookshelves and tables.
3. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any leftover tiny particles out your computer keyboard or other delicate items.
4. A Dustbuster hand vacuum or the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner can be used to clean up confetti on fabric couches and curtains. A Mr. Sticky can be used to clean up any tiny particles left behind by the hand vacuum.
5. Then it is time to conquer the floor. Use a rake to quickly collect the larger particles and scoop up what you can with your hands. This is an important step. If you try to vacuum without scooping up the larger pieces first your vacuum cleaner may become clogged leading to frustration.
6. Then you can sweep up bare floors and mop if necessary.
7. Last but not least vacuum your carpets. Again the Dustbuster or hose attachment can be used to get into the corners and edges against the wall.

Other tricks in cleaning confetti from floors and carpets:

1. Get a roll of scotch tape and cut yourself a 6 to 8 inch (15.2 to 20.3 cm) piece.
Join the sticky side of one end of the piece to the non-sticky side of the other end, making a smooth loop.
2. Place two or more fingers inside the loop and use the sticky side face down to pick up the confetti.
Rotate the tape frequently so you always have a sticky portion to work with. When the tape won pick up anymore, throw it the trash and get a new one.
3. Get a lint roller.
For example, there are lint rollers used to clean dog hair off clothing, while others are just for clothing. To make it easier, some lint rollers have extendable handles which will reach to the floor. Choose whichever one works for you and that you can find. Roll the roller across the surface. It will pick up the confetti as you go.