A week before Christmas we decided to make some changes in our home so, we purchased a new carpet in the living room area and also in the bathroom. I thought it will refresh our living space, but on the contrary – it had an undescribable smell, like sheep skin and something toxic. To be honest, we weren’t prepared for that unpleasant smell coming from our new carpet. So, we started wondering if it’s harmful or how long will the funny smell will last.

As Christmas was coming, I couldn’t keep that smelly thing on my living room floor – it would’ve definitely destroyed any Christmas scent or spirit. Luckily that my husband read an article once about funny smells, and new carpet smell was among them.

It seems that new carpets come with an odor which can be “distracting”, but there are various techniques through which the odor can be reduced, and here’s how we managed to blast the odor in less than a week.

Steps we took to get rid of new carpet odor:

1. First we opened all doors and windows to let the flow of fresh air allow to escape the trapped odor.
2. Then we sprinkled some baking soda on the carpet and let it act overnight. The next morning we vacuum the carpet entirely to remove the baking soda powder. Baking soda will absorb all the odor.
3. Prepare a combination of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water, and place the mixture in the reservoir of a carpet cleaning steam cleaner. Run the cleaner over the surface of the carpet, following the instructions that come with the machine. White vinegar can often minimize new carpet odor quickly and easily while also replacing it with a fresh scent.

Other Tips To Banish Carpet Odor Out Of The Room

  • Slice a couple of large onions in half and place the halves in small bowls with a small amount of water. Place the bowls at strategic points around the room and leave overnight. The onions will help dissipate the scent, hastening the reduction of the carpet odor. The same effects has vinegar – mix equal pasts of vinegar and water in bowl and place it in the room where you’ve attached the new carpet.