If you want to drink fresh and flavored coffee for years, you should take good care of the coffee machine. It needs special cleaning at least once a month if you want to enjoy that flavored coffee taste every morning.
There is no need to use expensive solutions to sanitize it. Vinegar will do the job perfectly and efficiently.
Well, take a look over this article to find the best way in cleaning the coffee machine.

You need:

– a dirty coffee filter
– water
– white vinegar

How to proceed?

1. Throw away the coffee debris from the coffee machine carafe and empty the filter.
2. Rinse the carafe with cold water, and then fill it with 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water.
3. Pour the water vinegar solution into the filter tank and start the coffee machine to heat the vinegar solution.
4. After the cycle is complete and the water in the carafe is collected, stop the filter.
5. Leave the vinegar solution in the carafe for another 15 minutes to cool a bit.
6. Rinse the vinegar residue from the coffee maker tank by pouring only water this time and filtering it. Repeat the water filtering process two times in a row.
7. Wash the water tank and the carafe with hot water and soap.
8. Rinse and prepare to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.


– for better results clean the filter once a month.
– if you haven’t used the coffee machine in a while, boil the vinegar solution 2 times, and then boil water (for rinsing) 2 times more.