The task of removing rust from metal surfaces can be very challenging. However, it is not an impossible one. You can try these 3 techniques from this article and you can choose the best option for you. Keep in mind, these will be effective depending on what type of metal object you plant to clean and on how long the rust has set into the surfaces. If there is a lot of rusty build-ups then you’re in for some elbow grease. However, knowing some techniques and natural options, things are going to be easier. Hopefully, the rust will come off quickly so keep reading how you can remove rust from metal surfaces.

1. Scrub the rust away with tools

First of all, if the metal surface is bigger and the rust build-up is heavy than you should try using some tools. The best tools for removing the rust from metal surfaces are the steel wool, sandpaper, or maybe a wire brush. These work amazingly due to their abrasive properties. All you have to do is scrub the rusty area on the metal until it starts to fade away. Furthermore, while scrubbing, make sure you brush off the excess from time to time so it won’t get spread into the clean area of the metal.

However, keep in mind that these tools are best suited for surfaces that don’t scratch easily. The soft metals will end up looking scratchy and unsightly, even if the rust will come off. An example of the soft metal surface would be the stainless grill. For these metal surfaces, keep reading for other better techniques.

2. Dissolve the rust with vinegar

That’s right, vinegar will quickly dissolve the rust and it will make for an effective substance to use on soft metals. Using vinegar is also an easier technique to use for removing rust because all you need to do is pour or rub the vinegar directly on the rust. Furthermore, if you have smaller metal items, you could also soak those in a container you fill up with vinegar.

Hence, once you notice that vinegar is dissolving the rust, your job is pretty much cut out for you. All there’s left to do is wiping the surface clean with cold water.

3. Get rid of the rust with baking soda

This is another natural ingredient you can use on rusty spots. Simply mix together baking soda with water making sure you get a thick paste. If the paste seems too runny, add again more baking soda. Then, using a flat spreader, make sure you apply the paste to the rust. Next, leave the paste on the rust until it dries down then dampen and scrub off. The rust will literally loosen and wash away.