Spiders, along with their spider webs, are so disgusting and scary for me! And I want to think that others deal with the same struggle when it comes to spiders. I tried all sort of solutions to send them away from home, but some way, they manage to come back, so I started prevention. Even if you clean the house, these small insect manage to “knit” their spider webs at least in one corner of the room.

So, I tried the below tricks to put them on the run, and it works! For a year now I’m not struggling with spiders anymore.

Put chestnuts in the corners of the house
It’s not well known why chestnuts or walnuts scare spiders, but it’s well known that if you place chestnuts in the corners of the room, spider will avoid “building” their homes there.

Homemade mint oil spray
Fill a spray bottle with water and add 20 drops of mint oil to it. Shake well, and then spray this liquid around the corners of your room. Spiders can’t stand the mint smell and mint fragrance will put them on the run. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil has the same effect.