No one should underestimate the power of a creative kid! But in world of crafting and creativity, glitter spills happen, and every mom knows that nothing is messier than glitter. I am the lucky mom of twins, more precisely of a handsome little boy and a gorgeous little girl, and when their creativity strikes you can’t stop them. So, this year they decided to craft some Christmas cards for the entire family, and there’s no Christmas card without a pinch of glitter and magic. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Christmas card project was a total success, even if my living room was shiny and messy. There was glitter everywhere, stuck on every surface, including on my kids buttocks.

Luckily, while I was enjoying my morning coffee, I read an article about some cleaning hacks and so I discovered how to easily remove glitter from most surfaces. I’m pretty sure that was a Divine sign for the coming few hours. Actually, there’s no need to worry when you see glitter sparkling everywhere in the living room, because all you need for its removal is a vacuum cleaner and Play-Dough.

First, The Vacuum Hack…

The first step I took was to vacuum the entire area and then to wet a paper towel to sweep the whole sparkles into one place.

…Then I Used Play-Dough

Knead the play dough all over the glitter puddle. Because there were larger sized star glitter pieces mixed in, I had to dab at them a little. Normal sized glitter comes up with no extra work needed. Moreover, your kids will have sparkling putty and they’ll be happy.

For Stubborn Small Glitter Sparks…

I used the lint-roller. Take a standard lint roller and glide over the stubborn glitter. This will pick up any remaining particles and leave your living room clean as can be!