Of course that cleaning and disinfecting products found on market shelves are the best, and they aren’t so expensive anymore. But those chemical substances makes me wonder daily, how such disinfectant can you’re your health so badly? Personally, I refuse using them because I care for my health and not the last, my family’s health. My kiddo crawls around the house, and I don’t want to let him get into contact with such chemicals.

But, here’s the recipe for the perfect natural disinfectant that you can use both in the kitchen and bathroom. You can use it on any surface, because it smells great, destroys over 80% of bacteria and germs and doesn’t leave unsightly stains. And the most important thing is its chemical-free compounds!

You need:

  • 2 cups of water
  • a quarter cup of lemon juice
  • a cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • a dark, brown, green or red container with a sprayer. The dark color is important to preserve better the properties of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice.

How to proceed?

Whether you want to disinfect the tile and faience, clean the laminate flooring or sanitary ware, spray the hydrogen peroxide solution, and then wipe with a dry cloth. The solution destroys much of the microbes in the bathroom and the kitchen, bleaches the sanitary items and leaves behind a fresh lemon fragrance.

You can also use it on carpets, furniture, and toys, on the playground area, dishes and so on.

It’s an effective disinfectant that has no contraindication.

Image Credits: Craftingthegood