As much as you like having a cat, the more you hate cleaning the litter box. For all the cat lovers, here are the best tips to clean a cat litter box quickly and efficiently.

The first rule when you need to clean the cat’s litter is not to postpone! This operation must take part on your cleaning routine.
In order to keep odor away and to avoid accidents, you have to clean the cat’s litter box daily. Do not improvise when it comes to accessories you use.

Put a small basket near the litter box and store some plastic bags in it. Thus, you can quickly throw the dirt in the plastic bag – when the cat’s litter box is on the balcony, for example.

Or, if is in the bathroom, then you can throw the dirt directly into the toilet bowl.

Every 3-4 days wash the cat’s litter box using warm water, a little liquid soap and a long-tail brush. If you have to scrub the litter, then use a homemade paste made by mixing baking soda and water. In fact, this paste is ideal to clean any surface, not just the cat’s litter box. Do not forget to clean all the accessories you use.

After you clean the litter box it would be good to disinfect it. Hygiene is very important when you have a pet.

TIPS: To make it easier when you have to change the sand, apply the same method you use for trash: put a plastic bag specifically for litter, then the sand. So you will just have to take the bag and throw it in the trash. Then wash the litter box, replace the bag, add sand, and your cat has a clean space again.

BONUS TIPS: Put the cat’s litter box on a bathroom rug. Thus, when she pops out of the litter box, the sand attached to its paws will no longer get on the tiles – where it could spread through the house – and will remain on the rug.

What is the best sand for cats?

The crystal litter is one of the best. Some of them change their color and you’ll know it is time to change the sand. And, because these crystals are pretty big, they don’t attach to your cat’s paws, so that sand is not spread around the house.

Image Credits: Petpact