Having a pet is amazing and I truly admire those who can live with one. I love pets but I don’t have enough time to care for them…and they need constant grooming, care and love.

I recently visited a friend of mine and she has this beautiful cat. I simply adore it! And every time I pass by her place the cat jumps into my laps for some cuddling. However, the moment I wanted to leave the house and put my shoes on, I couldn’t ignore the odor of cat pee that was hitting my nose and wetting my socks. I was completely socked and my friend extremely embarrassed. It seems that Yuri (cat’s name) pee into my fancy leather shoes. I could smell the jealousy in my shoes. Cats are extremely tricky animals. One moment they love and adore you, the next they take revenge on you on something that apparently you’ve done wrong. I assume I shouldn’t kiss my friend goodbye!

Since I’m not upset, because it’s just an animal, I had to come with a solution to save my leather shoes. It’s my favorite pair and I intend to wear it further along without funny odors. That’s the reason why I purchased a pair of leather shoes, anyway!

So, in order to remove cat pee odor from your leather shoes, you have to engage with patience and hope. In the end, you’ll get rid of that pungent cat urine smell.

First thing first!

  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the shoes to absorb the moisture. Don’t be greedy! Let the baking soda act for half an hour or so then vinegar is your next selected target.
  • Mix one part white vinegar with two parts warm water and a few drops of scented mouthwash and apply this to any area of your leather shoes still smelling of cat urine. Rub the solution into the pores of the leather using an old toothbrush or cleaning cloth.
  • Rinse the area with a clean cloth dampened in plain water.
  • Repeat the baking soda and vinegar steps if necessary. I did!
  • Then I had to figure it all out on how to dry the shoes so, I thought that burying them in a pile of cat sand litter will do the job. And it did. Not only the cat litter absorb the moisture, but also the pungent smell of cat pee mixed with vinegar.

Don’t worry! You will still sense that urine smell, but it will go away after a few more wears. However, you can repeat the cleaning process by applying an Enzyme Cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle.