In the summer, household odors become stronger. Odors can be removed easily if you chose the right methods. Here’s how to remove odors using natural products.

The smell inside the refrigerator goes with white vinegar

To eliminate odors inside your stinky fridge, clean well all trays and shelves. Prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar and use this mixture to wipe the inside of the fridge. Let the solution act 20 minutes, then rinse.

Lemon juice for stinky drain

As you know, it is easier to prevent the smell. Do not throw cooking oil inside the drain because fat will stick to pipe walls and will emanate an unpleasant odor.
What to do to get rid of cooking oil inside kitchen drain? Every 10-14 days, pour inside the drain a mixture made of one liter of boiling water and 5 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Air the dresser drawer

Musty smell is characteristic to dresser drawers. Air the drawers twice a year as follows (at the beginning and the end of summer): remove all the clothes, wipe with a damp cloth the empty cupboards and place a bowl of warm milk inside and leave it there overnight. Put salt bath bags, tobacco or lavender leaves inside the dresser drawer – they will absorb moisture and will emanate a pleasant fragrance.

Baking soda removes smoky smell

The smoky smell impregnates in the furniture and walls. Remove the smoky smell by wiping the furniture with a cloth soaked in water and baking soda.
Remove tobacco smell by placing cloves or cinnamon mixed with a little sand to the bottom of ashtrays.

Thyme bags in the shoe cabinet

Put crushed coal and thyme inside the bags you place in the shoe cabinet. In time, the smell will fade and finally will disappear.

The most simple and cheap tricks

Vent the rooms and buy flowers! It is good that at least once a week to buy some flowers. Lilies smell great and they can refresh your home for several days.

Fresh air from outside will eliminate musty smell.

After cleaning the house, light scented candles and change old room fresheners.