UGG boots are very trendy and appreciated by our feet because they are extremely comfortable and warm. You can’t complain of bunions or cracked heels if you are wearing UGG, and furthermore, due to their high quality sole, aren’t slippery, and you can’t fall on ice during winter. After all these qualities, there is a tiny “flaw”: UGG boots are getting dirty easily, and are pretty demanding when it comes to clean them.

UGG boots come on every color and they are very appreciated by women and men, but the leather acts like a sponge to mud and snow, leaving some unsightly stains on them.

But, any problem has a solution, so, cleaning UGG boots isn’t impossible if you follow the next steps:

First step: clean them with a soft brush

Use a soft cloth brush to thoroughly clean the UGG leather from mud and salt.

NEVER use a hard brush made of plastic or abrasive materials, because they will leave deep traces in the suede and over time, they will look much worse.

Second step: water and vinegar

Now, clean the UGG boots with a solution made equal amounts of water and vinegar. You should use a very fine sponge or even a cotton handkerchief soaked in the water and vinegar mixture, so as not to damage the velvety suede surface.  

If you have greasy stains on these boots, don’t use strong detergents or solvents. Just mix only 2 drops of dish soap with a cup of warm water and try to rub gently the stains using a soft sponge.

Third step: UGG boots are dried at room temperature

Never put these boots to dry on the radiator or in direct sunlight. The sheep leather they are made of will become dehydrated, and it will form some wrinkles that can no longer be removed.

Just leave them to dry in a cool place until the next day.