Although it is called permanent marker, it can be removed, even if it reaches the walls, the carpets, the furniture or floors.

Permanent marker drawings on upholstery or other material

Use rubbing alcohol, glass cleaners containing alcohol or acetone to clean marker stains from the sofa or clothing. You can use acetone only for white clothes. Use small amounts and easily remove the stains with cotton buds.

Permanent marker stains on the walls

The white walls are the children favorites when they want to draw. But the marker stains, no matter how large they are, can be removed either with hairspray or toothpaste (depending on the color of the wall). You can also use lemon juice to remove the stains. Use a clean, preferably white cloth.

Permanent marker stains on wooden surfaces, flooring or furniture

If you found permanent marker stains on the furniture, use toothpaste (not gel), rubbing alcohol or peanut butter. Remove the stains with these solutions until they disappear. It would be better to test them before on a very small portion to make sure you do not destroy the gloss.

Permanent marker stains on carpets

The simplest solution is to remove the stain with rubbing alcohol, but you can also use hairspray. Take care to clean the stains gradually with a small amount of alcohol.

Permanent marker stains on glass objects

Permanent marker stains on mirrors or glass objects are best cleaned with white toothpaste mixed with baking powder. If the glass is not treated with other solutions, such as the lenses, you can also use acetone.

Permanent marker stains on phones or tablets

The delicate surface of modern monitors, phones or tablets can’t be cleaned easily if it was smeared with permanent marker. Try the wet wipes for babies first and, unless you didn’t remove them, try toothpaste.
But be careful! Apply the toothpaste over the stains and let it act for a few minutes, then wipe it gently with a soft microfiber cloth moistened in water.

Image Credits: Persil