Rust is present everywhere, including on my concrete driveway and walkway which leaves some nasty unsightly stains. Two weeks ago, my husband repaired his old bicycle on the driveway, and he left the tool box there. Mess is the word that can describe our driveway – it’s full with petroleum jelly and rust stains.

I took the hose and washed the driveway thoroughly, but using only water it’s not enough to get rid of those nasty stains, and spending money on commercial rust removers to clean the driveway is too much.

Hence, I choose the natural way. Since lemon juice can easily remove rust on pipes and other metal objects, I said to give it a shoot on my concrete driveway, and you wouldn’t believe its effectiveness!

However, if you are dealing with rust and petroleum jelly stains on concrete, follow the below steps to remove it like a pro.

First of all, grab the following ingredients and tools:

  • lemon juice
  • vinegar
  • harsh bristled brush
  • spray bottle

Ok, now! Before rushing in cleaning those stains, make sure that you’ve thoroughly clean the driveway by removing all the debris and dead leaves. I used the hose for that!

1. Well, it seems that most commercial rust removing products are made of some acidic solution which dissolves any rust stain. In this regard, lemon juice and vinegar are the perfect weapons in removing rust stains on a budget. I used lemon juice. It seems that I ran out of vinegar and I had some lemons left!

2. So, squeeze the lemons to extract the juice and pour it directly onto the rust stain. You can take the lemon peels and rub the rust stains with them for a few seconds. Let it act for 10 minutes, and then take a harsh bristle brush and start scrubbing the rust by applying pressure. You must scrub roughly the stain. The stain will disappear slowly while scrubbing. Give a nice rinse using the hose! Repeat this procedure for each rust stain!

Hope this was helpful for you! See ya!