Pet hair, human hair, it’s pretty disgusting, at least for me, especially when you found it stuck to your clothes, not to mention when it gets stuck in your carpet! A simple vacuuming isn’t enough to get rid of it, and you have to send that carpet to the dry cleaning, but you can’t do that weekly!

Even if hair fall is a normal process, I don’t like it stuck in the carpets, bed, or any other spot of the house. That is why I decided to share with you, my cyber friends, some trick to remove pet and human hair from you carpet, if the vacuum cleaner isn’t worthy anymore.

Damp cloth

A cotton cloth, well moistened in water, will do some magic with your full of hair carpet. Just rub well the carpet with it, and the hairy problem will be gone.

Damp palms

If you don’t trust damp cloths, you can easily damp your hands in a water basin, and start rubbing the carpet with them. I don’t like this method, but I saw my mother doing it, and it’s worth trying because it works. Repeat the procedure until you have cleaned all the hair. it doesn’t take long!  


If you don’t want to dirt your hands, you can easily try a dense brush or a Velcro. Start using Velcro fast, because all the hair in the carpet will stick on it!

Rubber gloves

Put a pair of rubber gloves and start rubbing your palms. Now, the static cling effect will do the job for you by gathering all the hair threads found in the carpet. Sounds like magic to me!

Sneakers with rubber sole

If you can’t bend over the carpet, or the surface is too big and your back hurts, put on a pair of sneakers, and start walking or dancing around. This way you will collect plenty of hair due to the static cling effect.

Laundry softener

If the above methods aren’t eye catching, then you can use laundry softener. Mix equal parts of water and laundry softener, and sprinkle it over the carpet. Now, let it dry, and brush the carpet, and then vacuum it. Laundry softener will soften the hair threads, making them more easily to remove!