Oil-based paint stains are quite difficult to remove and it’s impossible not to stain the wooden flooring, tiles or other objects in the house when you decorate. Well, you should know that there are some easy solutions to get rid of them.

Before painting, be careful to protect the surrounding surfaces as much as you can when using the oil based paint. It’s the hardest to remove paint and you don’t want to see paint stains on the floor or on sanitary ware, windows or tiles. So, be careful! At least these were the advice I received when I start decorating the house, but the paint will fall, and you will stain something, even if you wrap the entire house in plastic foil.

Use sanitary alcohol or regular paint thinner

If stains are fresh, first try to use paint thinner or alcohol. Dab the paint stains with a cloth or cotton wool soaked in paint thinner until it dissolves, and then use sanitary alcohol to remove the paint traces. At the end, degrease everything with warm water and dish soap.

Remove paint stains with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

If you’ve stained the tiles or other porcelain objects, rub the area with hydrogen peroxide, and then sprinkle baking soda over the stain and continue to rub with a soft cloth until it is cleaned. Spray hydrogen peroxide as often as necessary to remove the color of the paint.

Acetone and a razor blade will get your rid of old paint stains

If you don’t have paint thinner, lightly remove using a steel blade or a small scalpel the paint stains, but be careful not to leave metal marks on the tile or on the sink. Then lightly dab the area with a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove the last traces of paint. At the end, polish the tile with a slightly abrasive detergent that degreases and bleaches.

Image Credits: Twitter