The washing machine cleans all your clothing, but who cleans her? All the dust, dirt and particles of all kind must settle somewhere, right? Find out how to clean the washing machine so your laundry to be clean and free of dangerous germs.

Disinfect the washing machine
If you want to get rid of bacteria that can accumulate inside the washing machine and inside the water pipes, use vinegar.

Turn the washing machine on a program that uses hot water, but instead of detergent put two cups of vinegar. Leave the washing machine empty (no laundry inside) to allow vinegar to wash and disinfect the entire system.

Wash and clean the old soap
The detergent used for laundry, either liquid or solid, leaves traces in the detergent compartment and on the drum’s rubber.

Use a solution of baking soda, vinegar and warm water and scrub using a sponge or a toothbrush every piece of the washing machine.

Rinse the detergent’s compartments in water with vinegar (if it’s removable).

Rinse all components with hot water
Turn the washing machine on and run the cotton program on maximum temperature (no detergent, no vinegar and no laundry). Hot water will remove soap traces, remaining threads inside pipes and bacteria attached to surfaces.