After visiting my friends last weekend, my nose detected a pungent dog pee odor coming from a corner in the backyard. As it was a hot sunny day, the smell was unbearable.

They said that the dog urine smell was impregnated in the concrete and they didn’t know how to get it out, and the only solution they thought about was to pour another layer of concrete.

Well, that’s expensive! So, after a small research, I discovered that dog pee odor can easily be removed with some household products without being necessary to replace the concrete layer.

So, when in doubt, call your friends over maybe they know a solution for your small problems.

Now, let’s get back on how to remove dog urine odor from concrete using some household tricks.

Ok! Take a drive to the marketplace because you will need some large quantities, given the fact that is a big area.

You Need:

  • a lot of baking soda to cover the area
  • a lot of white vinegar

Let’s start!

  • Begin by rinsing well the area with cold water. They used the hose for that!
  • Now, after you’ve removed all pouring water from concrete using a broom, sprinkle baking soda over the area. Let it act for 15 minutes, and apply the next step:
  • Pour white vinegar in a spray bottle, and sprinkle it over the baking soda. 7th grade chemistry! A foamy reaction will appear. Let it act for a couple of minutes, and then use the groom and start rubbing the area completely to remove that nasty dog urine odor from concrete.

Tip 1: if the odor persists, pour more vinegar over the area and scrub it well with the broom or a patio brush.
Tip 2: in case if enzymes found in dog pee are pretty strong (available for male dogs), use the next solution:

Tri Sodium Phosphate

This is one of the best things that you can use to remove pet odor. Unlike vinegar and baking soda, you are going to want to make sure that you apply it to the entire concrete area. When you do this, you need to use a scrub brush to completely clean the surface of the concrete. Once the scrubbing and odor removal is complete, make sure that you completely wash down the floor to remove the cleaner.