If you have tiles, you know how hard it is to keep the grout clean. Here’s a trick that will help you keep tile grout clean.

No matter how often you clean the tiles, the grout will always get dirty. Dirt always gathers between the tiles and can hardly be removed. When you mop the area, you just simply disperse the dirt, blocking it between the tiles. The joints get blackened, and the only solution is to clean them every two to three days.

If you, however, want your tiles to remain always clean, all you need is a white candle. Clean the tiles, then rub them with the candle. Wax acts as a protective layer and you can quickly clean up the mess. The best way to have clean grout is to apply the wax once you installed the ceramic tiles.

The video below shows you how to use wax to keep the tile grout clean.

Image Credits: Angelo’s Carpet