Small kids in your house? This means stains all over the place, including walls, carpets, mattress…everywhere.

Getting rid of these stains is pretty hard, because it involves harsh rubbing, leading to visible scratches over the stained surface. But there are a lot of products that will help you to get rid of these ugly stains, without ruining the surface.

When it comes in getting rid of stains from your mattress, well it may look like a long process, sometimes impossible, but it actually isn’t. Along with my “cyber cleaning team” I discovered an incredible super effective solution that will erase the stains from your mattress, including blood and urine stains.

You need:

  • 235 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • a few drops of dish soap

Step-by-step cleaning procedure:

1. The solution must be prepared a few minutes before applying it. This way will be highly effective. Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda in a spray bottle. When the baking soda dissolved, add the dish soap.

2. Shake the glass and spray it over the stains on the mattress. Leave it to act for 5-10 minutes. You can turn on the air conditioner to help the stain dry faster.  

Regular cleaning of the mattress guarantees you freshness in the room.

Image Credits: Thehumbledhomemaker