No matter how small, simple or large and sophisticated your kitchen is, the sink clogs occasionally. How to unclog it? We have some good and simple advice, effective and practical, easy to apply and without risking pipes and others facilities integrity.

If filter will be cleaned daily, it will save you from many troubles.

Once a week pour hot water down the sink. Water should be somewhere up to 90 degrees Celsius. In the boiling water you can add vinegar or lemon juice (a few tablespoons).

Unpleasant smell emanating from the kitchen or bathroom sink is controlled by hot water mixed with a little dishwashing detergent.

A traditional method uses baking soda. Pour a tablespoon of baking powder in the drain hole, then 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar and let the mixture act. After 30-40 minutes pour two liters of boiling water in the drain.

Another solution is made of 2 liters of boiling water and 5 tablespoons of salt. The hot solution is poured directly in the drain and will help to remove fat deposits.

You can unclog your sink using one of the most popular beverages – coke. Simply pour 500 milliliters in the drain hole and leave it to act. It is very effective and leaves a pleasant scent behind. You can make the drink more effective by adding a little baking soda (two teaspoons) and a spoon or two of vinegar.