Clumsiness or being all day on the run ruins our footwear. But what do you do when it happens to ruin your favorite pair of shoes?

If you are a shoe lover, just like Carrie Bradshaw, then, a scratched pair of shoes is a major problem, especially when we are talking about our favorite shoes! We are capable to see the “Shoe God” to repair those ugly scratches.

But there’s no need to panic because there are some handy solutions to cover each scratch on your shoes.

Permanent marker – The Shoe God

Permanent marker is the most indicated trick to repair/cover shoe scratches, because the color will get deep into the leather and will cover very well the scratches. Additionally, the permanent marker is waterproof, so rain and snow won’t “disguise” the scratches.

Silicone glue

Depending on the shoe color, use a permanent marker to cover the scratches, and then apply a thin layer of silicone glue using a brush or a fine sponge.

Silicone glue seals scratches without damaging the leather. Of course, you have to make sure from the very beginning that you can apply silicone glue on your shoes – if they are made of suede, just don’t apply the glue. It works for lacquered leather and leather.

Professional leather paint

You can purchase a special shoe pain from the leather store. Try the paint on a small side of the shoe to be sure that is the same shade, and then apply it over the scratch using a makeup sponge.

With the help of the sponge, you are more likely to control the amount of paint and not cover more than you need.