The correct cleaning and care of leather shoes will prolong their life and will save you from unnecessary expenses. However, if you want to wear a pair of shoes for a long time you need to spend a little time for their care.

You need:

– A soft cotton cloth
– A special shoe brush
– Special solution for cleaning leather shoes
– White vinegar
– Newsprint
– Eraser (only for suede shoes)
– Balm for leather products
– Shoe polish or baby oil

How to clean leather shoes:

1. Remove the shoe laces and wash them separately with soap and water or detergent.

2. Remove dirt from the shoes using the special brush.

3. If the shoes have dirt stains that were not removed after brushing, clean them with a cotton cloth soaked in warm water. You can use a mixture made of one cup of water and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar.

4. Leave your shoes to dry, but never in direct sunlight. The sun degrades the shoes and dries the leather.

5. Finally, apply the special cream for leather shoes or baby oil and spread the product all over your shoes.

6. When the season changes and you’ll no longer need to wear boots, fill them with newsprint to keep their shape.

Image Credits: Surfexcel