Even if it’s about a lacquered table, a chest, a closet, or even solid wood flooring, the wood scratches are the same and look horrible. Over time, these scratches worsen pretty badly, and your wooden furniture will get that old and messy aspect.

You know that there are some tricks that will save you’re wooden items, and make them last longer? Well, they are, and grandpa taught me how to restore and old and scratched wooden table, and these tricks are also suitable for any wooden piece.

If the scratches are superficial

If the furniture or the parquet has superficial scratches, and the lines aren’t deep in the wood fiber, it’s simple: mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, and apply this mixture over the scratches by rubbing the area very well. Honestly, this mixture will do wonders.

If the scratches are deep  

If the wood has been damaged in depth, you need something to fill the hole in the wood fiber, and then to uniform the color. The best natural remedy is to rub the scratch with an almond core, walnut core or a waxed pencil or eyeliner. If the color of the wood is much darker, you can try to color the scratched area with a black tea bag, coffee grind or even coffee grounds. And shoe cream is also great to cover an ugly wood scratch.

Well, it seems that you can refurbish damaged wooden furniture pretty quickly without using special substances.