When we’re purchasing furniture, we do it for a long period, so we have to take care of it properly. But if for some reason your furniture scratches, there are some effective natural solutions to repair it!

If the scratches are shallow
If the furniture or the wooden floor has some shallow scratches, not very deep, you can prepare a solution made from olive oil and lemon juice. Mix these 2 ingredients very well and apply the mixture over the affected areas.
Rub gently and you’ll see soon the effects.

If the scratches are deep
If the wood has been damaged in depth, you need something to fill the hole in the wood fiber, and then to make the color uniform.

The best natural remedy is to rub the scratch with an almond core, walnut or a waxed pencil. Even eyeliner works.
If the color of the wood is much darker, you can try to color the pack with black tea bags or coffee grounds.
You can use shoe cream to get rid of deep wood scratches.

Image Credits: Wikihow