Excessive humidity is a problem present in many homes, especially those located in areas with a wet climate. Fortunately, there are some solutions in getting rid of moisture from the house. Just like outdoors, the temperature indoors doesn’t have to exceed 104 – 158 degrees, otherwise it may cause various problems. Besides being unsightly and unpleasant, it can cause health problems, especially for people suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases.

1. Ventilation

This is one of the best solutions for removing moisture from the house. It is advisable to thoroughly ventilate the entire house, especially the areas prone to humidity. Try to keep the windows open, as long as possible. If it’s not enough, use a fan to maintain fresh air.

Air conditioning can keep certain parts of the house dry, especially if they are not exposed to natural air. However, it’s not good to exaggerate by using it. The air you breathe must be slightly damp to prevent nasal disease and congestion.

2. Identify moisture sources

If you notice that you have dampness in the house, you should look for the source of moisture. If there are broken pipes or leaks in areas that are not visible, you will notice damp spots that continue to expand.

If you don’t fix the malfunction as soon as possible, the problem will worsen, possibly even causing a flood. Be careful to take action to prevent this situation.

3. Use a dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is ideal for rainy or cold regions, where homes are more difficult to ventilate. This device absorbs moisture and dries.

Don’t worry about your current bill. The dehumidifier has the same consumption as air conditioning. In addition, you can find it in various shapes and dimensions.

4. Get rid of moisture with salt

Did you know salt is one of the best solutions for removing moisture from the house? Put 2.204 lbs of salt in a bowl, and in 2 days it will absorb much of the moisture.

The salt has a very high absorption capacity. In addition to reducing moisture, this ingredient will remove stains on clothing, especially molded clothing items.

If you notice that the salt has moistened too hard or has become black, you have to change it.