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Natural And Extremely Effective Get Rid Of The Mold Operation

If you ever fight with mold in your home, then you definitely know how dangerous is for your health, and how hard is to be removed. Mold spores are very dangerous for our health, and if you have small kids in your house, it will severely affect their lungs. What you need to get rid of mold: – a spray …

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How to remove mold off your library and off your books

Mold often occurs in visible areas and on the objects you care for. Areas prone to mold occurrence are the bathrooms, kitchens and basements – where the humidity is higher. But mold may occur in less condensate areas, such as libraries. It is best to prevent it; we propose several effective solutions to clean mold off the library and off …

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3 tricks to get rid of mold

Mold – dangerous fungi that grow in wet areas in our homes – is one of the most annoying domestic problems that we may face. Every year, millions of people around the world are forced to resort to medical help because of asthma attacks and allergic reactions that mold causes. If we don’t act on time, mold can permanently destroy …

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How to get rid of mold and damp stains

This time of year, due to moisture and low temperatures, dampness and mold may occur in your home. In addition to destroying the walls, they are very dangerous to your health. See the difference between mold and dampness, how they affect your walls and how to prevent their deterioration. Moisture, a good environment for mold Mold occurs in the presence …

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