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Everything you need to know about cleaning your laundry naturally

How much money you spend weekly on cleaning products? You can get the same benefits with few natural ingredients: vinegar, lemon and baking soda. 1. Laundry whitening As you already know, the most widely used chemical for bleaching the clothes is chlorine. Besides the products of this kind are very toxic to the environment, they thin textile fibers, causing them …

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How to remove limestone stains naturally

Limestone is a porous natural stone. Therefore, it tends to absorb fluids that come in contact with. Thus, it is quite easy to have all kinds of lime spots around the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom or on the ceramic surfaces, tiles or glass. 1. Use natural products Most of the best solutions are present in your pantry. …

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How to remove stains from the toilet bowl

The bathroom is one of the areas where rigorous hygiene is extremely important because bacteria grows here, which is unsafe to our health. Bacteria and hard water can leave behind infection outbreak and stains difficult to remove. Usually, yellow and brown stains that appear inside the toilet bowl are caused by hard water and excess bacteria accumulation. Mineral deposits can …

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