The bathroom is one of the areas where rigorous hygiene is extremely important because bacteria grows here, which is unsafe to our health. Bacteria and hard water can leave behind infection outbreak and stains difficult to remove.

Usually, yellow and brown stains that appear inside the toilet bowl are caused by hard water and excess bacteria accumulation.

Mineral deposits can be very difficult to remove. If you appeal to proper sanitation methods, your toilet bowl can regain its initial glow.

Vinegar cleaning solution

If you are tired of trying to remove toilet bowl deposits using strong abrasive substances that leave scratches, you can always try a natural solution for cleaning: vinegar.

Method 1: Sprinkle approximately 25 oz of vinegar in the toilet bowl and brush the toilet stains. For an even more effective result, leave the solution to act more.

Method 2: Pour vinegar in a spray bottle, drain the water from the toilet bowl and sprinkle the vinegar directly on the stain. If the debris layer is thick, let the vinegar act longer.

Bleach cleaning solution

Bleach will prove highly effective in removing stubborn stains in the toilet, being a very powerful cleaning agent. Add about 1 cup of powdered bleach in the toilet bowl and let it act for a few hours. When you notice that the toilet bowl stains are gone, you can flush.

Powdered borax cleaner

Borax powder is a very effective cleaning agent. Remove water from the toilet bowl, sprinkle borax powder and rub the stained areas with a toilet brush. Next, let the borax powder to act 30 minutes and, finally, refuel the toilet tank and flush. Repeat the process if the stain has not disappeared completely.

Trisodium phosphate cleaning solution

Just like powdered borax, you can’t find trisodium phosphate in every store. However, once you’ve purchased it, this substance will prove its effectiveness.

Add a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate to about 1 gal of warm water and mix well. Soak a cloth in the obtained solution and use it to rub stubborn stains inside the toilet bowl.

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