We just can’t ignore those black stains growing bigger and bigger in the corner of the bathroom ceiling. Wondering what those stains could be? Well, it’s definitely black mold.

Black mold growing on your walls and ceilings is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Mold grows rapidly if it has the perfect environmental conditions, and bathrooms seem to be the perfect homes for mold. High humidity, moisture, condensation and darkness are the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Increasing ventilation in the bathroom will prevent mold growth on ceilings, so be careful to leave the window open after each bath/shower you take. In case you don’t have a bathroom window, use a dehumidifier or a fan.

Good-To-Know: If the mold on your bathroom ceiling covers ten square feet or less, it is considered a small area, meaning you can deal with the problem on your own. If the area is larger, than you should call for professional help.

🟡 Items Needed:

◾ Goggles
◾ Gloves
◾ Cotton face mask

🔴 Instructions:

◾ Wash the area with a cleaning solution made of mild detergent and warm water.
◾ Let the area dry.
◾ Mix one-quarter cup of bleach with one quart of water and apply the solution.
◾ Wait for 20 minutes and apply a second time.
◾ Let it dry for another 20 minutes.

!!! Before starting to remove the mold out of the ceiling you should close off vents so spores cannot spread to other areas during the cleaning process. Open the bathroom window, if you have one.

💡 Tips

1. You must know that if your ceiling looks clean after this process it doesn’t mean that mold spores won’t survive. You will need to solve the mold problem in your bathroom by finding the outbreak source.

2. After finding the mold outbreak source, apply a solution of 1/1 borax and warm water over that area. Do not rinse. Leave it there to stop mold growth in the future.