How was I to know that a garbage disposal needs to be cleaned too? I grew up without a garbage disposal and this is my first one which we purchased it half a year ago. I’m telling you, it’s a life changer! You don’t have to put your garbage in plastic bags anymore and take it out to the waste bin. Or keep it in the kitchen under the sink until it’s full so you can feel the stink of waste while cooking. Yeah! Never coming back to garbage plastic bags! Instead, you must care for your garbage disposal that needs to be cleaned frequently. Otherwise it will start releasing a horrible odor, just like traditional garbage.

Actually, after six months of using the garbage disposal I couldn’t notice that pungent odor coming out from under the sink. How stupid is that!? Was pretty obvious that it needed to be cleaned too! But, now I know! Besides, I know how to make my own freshener tables for the garbage disposal to keep the stink away. I had to mention that I ended my relationship with most shelves products and I actually rely on vinegar when cleaning around the house.

You need:

  • Lemons
  • Vinegar
  • Ice cube tray

How to prepare your own garbage disposal cleaning tablets

  • Slice your lemons and put a piece in each ice cube mold.
  • Then fill each with vinegar. Do not dilute it.

Here is what you get:

I removed the icy cleaning tablets and put them in a freezer bag. Otherwise, your freezer will smell like vinegar every time you open it. You can use it anytime you need it. After six months of not cleaning the garbage disposal, I use two tablets weekly or twice a week, depending on how much I use the disposal.
Tip: you can replace the lemon with any other citrus fruit.