I think every person gets an unpleasant feeling when they see moths in the kitchen or in their dresser. I know, if one of the moths had eaten your cereals there’s no problem, but if they ruin your favorite fur coat that’s a major problem. You have to take action immediately to get rid of moths from your dresser and cupboard. I honestly tell you that grandma’s methods are the best in getting rid of moths completely and they are absolutely non-toxic!

Dresser moths

It’s enough to put some “scarecrows” through the apartment and the moth will disappear.

  • garlic
  • tansy
  • orange peel
  • spices: cloves, pepper, cinnamon
  • lavender
  • nuts leaves and nuts

If you place one of the above ingredients around your house, especially in the wardrobe, you will get rid of moths. I don’t really know the effects, but I can tell you that they are really scared of these moth repellents.

Also, use vinegar to wipe the cabinets and floor.

Newspapers scare the hell out of moths, so it’s advisable to put some newspapers in the pockets of your fur coats.

Direct sunlight and low temperatures kill moths, and that’s why you have to ventilate the room and dressers 4 times a year.

Also, if you grow geraniums you will have a moth-free house, because these plants are the effective moth repellents.

Pantry moths

The strategy to get rid of these types of moths is totally different. This type of moths is not afraid of pungent odors and it has the ability in destroying everything in its way.

  • the products affected by moths must be thrown out, and the others should be sealed in threaded jars.
  • clean the infected areas with water and baking soda.
  • after wiping the furniture with the baking soda solution, wipe it again with a vinegar solution (vinegar and water mixed in equal proportion).
  • place bay leaves, chestnut or walnuts on each shelf and inside each kitchen cabinet.
  • keep the kitchen dry because moths are moist lovers. Check the pipes not to be damaged. Wipe the sink and the dishes very well.