Did your washing machine has a bad smell, and this looks like a nightmare because the smell is impregnated on your clothes? Even the laundry conditioner is not effective because that moldy smell is all over your clothes. Well, the problem is: the washer! You have to clean it, because washers need cleaning, too.

And this moldy odor is the first sign that your washing machine needs proper cleaning. Don’t worry, because you don’t need special care; only some ingredients that I bet you already have in the house.

You need:

– vinegar
– bleacher

GREAT ATTENTION: These two products are never used together because they produce a strong chemical reaction and are very toxic.

How to use?

1. First mix the bleach with a similar amount of warm water and wipe the accessible areas of the washer with a cloth. Also wipe the rubber band and the door sealant if it’s a front-load washing machine. If there are areas where you can’t clean using just a cloth, just soak another cloth in the bleach solution and let it stand in that particular place for 30 minutes. This way the bleach will destroy any mold trace.

2. Once you’ve finished cleaning the washer on the outside, just start a washing cycle without laundry in it for 30 minutes.

3. Then, pour 500 ml of white vinegar inside the washer, and another 500 ml in the detergent compartment. Start a washing cycle again with a higher temperature.

Now your washing machine should be clean, functional and mold-free.