Like most of the Americans, a backyard barbeque on a Sunday afternoon, near your family, is a blessing sent from above. These are the values we have to nurture and cherish in life, even if, sometimes, doing the dishes and cleaning the mess left behind falls on the host’s shoulders. Among one of the nastiest cleaning tasks is removing grease from the barbeque, and cleaning it thoroughly.

Of course, you can use one of the oldest methods and rub the barbeque with a wire brush, but in my opinion this is one dangerous method, because the wires of the brush may fall and get into the meat you place on the barbeque. Later on, these wires will get into your tiny stomach. Unless, you choose one of the following cleaning hacks which will make your barbeque sparkling shine without any trace of grease.

Onion and lime

While the grill is still hot, rub the grill with half an onion, and then use half a lemon to rub it again. The acid in these products will remove any trace of grease and the burnt grease layer.


This is how to proceed:

Introduce the grill in a zipper bag, shake well the coke bottle and pour it into the bag. The bubbles will clean any trace of burnt grease stuck on the barbeque. For better results, leave the barbeque grill inside the zipper bag for 1 hour.

Image Credits: Lmp360media