We all love marble, it is the most beautiful and elegant material to have in your kitchen. It looks attractive as a kitchen countertop and it is also durable. Even though there are a lot of benefits, the one disadvantage could damage your kitchen marble instantly. That is because marble will soak up almost any kind of liquid from juice to water, salad dressing or sauces. That means marble is quite porous and extremely sensitive to stains. However, don’t give up on it, there are easy ways to clean your marble. Keep reading this article and see the 3 main ingredients you will need to clean your kitchen marble.

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable using a commercial cleaner. That is why I always turn to common household items for cleaning:

1. Hydrogen peroxide

Any standard hydrogen peroxide will do. This solution is perfect for dried food stains and other protein-based stains. In fact, this is so effective that you should not leave it on the stains for too long. Hence, about 5 minutes should be enough for the hydrogen peroxide to help you get rid of the stains from marble. After this time, simply wipe the stain off with a clean damp cloth. Lastly, always make sure you dry the marble surface thoroughly in order to avoid any streaks.

2. Baking soda

This is another great natural ingredient which I love to use it as a paste in combination with water. This DIY paste will do wonders for acidic stains such as fruit juices or vinegar. In order to clean these stains, simply blot them before applying the paste. Allow the paste to dry on the stain and then gently wipe with a damp, soft cloth.

3. Cornstarch

Last but not least, cornstarch will help you big time with oil and grease stains. And those are the most common accidents in the kitchen. Thus, first of all, you should absorb the grease using an absorbent towel to soak up the excess. Then, sprinkle cornstarch generously over the stain. You should also give it time to act and wait for about an hour before wiping down gently the surface with a damp cloth.