Maintaining the transparent aspect of glassware is very challenging, because most market dish detergents products leave a chalky white film behind that won’t rinse. That’s why it’s better to make your own dish detergent specially designed for glassware.

Even if you do the dishes in a dishwasher, the results are quite the same! I tried changing the brand of my dish detergent, but the results are the same. And, as a bonus, I live in an area with hard water and my glass dishes have a faded aspect.

However, I read an article on Pinterest on how to remove white film on glass dishes, and it seems that the secret lies in vinegar. Actually, doing the dishes and removing that white film and hard water stains on glassware is very simple and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on expensive dish detergents.

First method to remove white film on glassware:

  • Collect all your glassware and place it next to the sink.
  • Now, give a nice wash and rinse to your sink, and fill it almost with three quarts of warm water. Don’t forget to place the stopper to your sink!
  • Ok, the next move is to add 1 quart of vinegar in the sink. Stir the water for these two ingredients to mix well.
  • Now, place the glassware, gently, into the sink in the vinegar solution.
  • Let them stand for half an hour, and then rinse under the water jet one glass dish at a time.
  • Let them dry naturally in the dish rack.

Second method to remove white film on glassware:

  • Add 3-4 drops of your regular dish soap in the detergent compartment.
  • Now, add 1 cup of vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Start a normal dish washing cycle.
  • At the end, remove the glassware out of the dishwasher and that white film will be gone!