Inevitably, when you paint your nails, drops of nail polish may fall on the carpet. Been there, done that! Such an accident can ruin the carpet, because, if my mother didn’t know this trick, I had to buy another rug. But, fortunately, I have a know-how-mother that saved the day!

If you’ve dropped nail polish on the carpet, try to remove the nail polish surplus with a sharp knife. Then moisten a cotton bud in nail polish remover and start rubbing the stain on the carpet. Repeat the operation until the nail polish gets on the cotton bud. Change the cotton bud when is full, because you can spread the stain.

Right after this procedure, moisten a cloth or sponge in hydrogen peroxide and start dabbing the areas. Don’t rub, just dab not to spread the nail polish.

Image Credits: Atcfkid