It is not quite an easy task to get rid of dust mites, but don’t give up! Dust mites are responsible for 50% of the dust allergy symptoms.

Dust mites are practically invisible organisms (one single mite measures approximately 0.3 mm), which feed on dead cells produced by our skin. The allergies are caused by the microscopic faces produced by these dust mites. Each dust mite can produce up to 20 of such particles each day.

Natural spray that kills dust mites

Although stores provide us a wide range of insecticides, we can prepare our own insecticide against dust mites in the comfort of our home. This natural product will ward off dust mites from all the corners of your home.

Here are the necessary ingredients:

– A spray bottle
– Half cup of rubbing alcohol
– Half cup of distilled water
– 30 drops of an essential oil (lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, cinnamon, etc.)

Put all ingredients in the spray bottle, mix them well and you’re ready to kill all the dust mites in your home. Apply the mixture on the bedding, pillows, blankets and curtains.

After using the spray, allow the solution to evaporate completely before using those objects.

The population of dust mites in your home will greatly reduce during about two months. To make sure that the dust mites will not invade your house again, apply this spray once every two or three months.

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Image Credits: Just Rent to Own , Allergie-Geneve