Every housewife knows how hard is to get rid of that awful cooking smell out of your hair, skin and clothes, but especially out of the house. If you just prepared some meatballs or fried fish, that smell is very hard to be removed. Even if you clean the kitchen, the smell is still there.

But, I will share with you 2 simple tricks that will quickly send that cooking scent out of your kitchen.

1. Right after you’ve finished cooking, put a pot to boil in which you’ve put water and vinegar. Let it boil until the vinegar steams spread around the kitchen.

2. If you are not a fan of vinegar smell, then you can add in the boiling some aromatic plants, such as rosemary or thyme. Or you can put orange and lemon peels to boil, along with cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Let your kitchen fill with Christmas flavor, and no one will ever know that you’ve cooked there.

Image Credits: Hunker