If you don’t want to use simple and corrosive commercial products, but natural solutions don’t fully satisfy you, there is an alternative for white and bright clothes.

You need to mix:

– very very hot water
– a cup of powdered laundry detergent
– a cup of dishwashing powder
– a cup of bleach or chlorine
– ½ cup of borax


Leave the laundry to soak in this mixture as long as possible – a few hours or overnight – to get the best results. If there are color stains, your clothes need to be soaked in the solution for more than 3 hours.

Wash your laundry normal after a mild rinse with lukewarm water. The clothes discolored with this mixture can be washed by hand or automatic in a normal cycle, but don’t mix them with other clothes because chlorine residues can discolor those one too.