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3 Cheap And Fast Methods To Clean The Bottom Of Your Steam Iron

The steam iron can be a real headache if you do not know how to clean it. If you stained your clothes with sticky deposits from your iron’s bottom, just try one of the methods below. They will certainly work. Instead of buying another iron each time you stain your clothes, you better learn some simple tricks to help keep …

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How To Clean Your Oven Without Using Detergents

Because we want to make cleaning easier, today we’ll help you with some effective tips for cleaning your oven quickly and without using detergents that are full of chemicals. This is how easy it is. You need: – disposable gloves – a spray bottle – a cloth – silicone or plastic cooking palette – water – white vinegar – baking …

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How to clean your whole house with baking soda

We can say that baking soda, commonly used in cooking, has a 1001 uses, having a lot of benefits in our everyday life. Baking soda should not miss from anyone’s home, especially if you are looking for natural alternatives to chemical cleaners. Why you should use baking soda for home maintenance There are thousands of efficient natural recipes, but in …

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How to make your home sparkling clean only with natural products

In order to remove the smell inside the microwave oven, heat a glass of water mixed with lemon juice. The released fumes will soften the grease stuck on the microwave walls. Here are the main advantages of using vinegar, baking soda and lemon for house cleaning: • convenient • effective • easy to use • easy to purchase • toxic …

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How to remove bad odor from a smelly fridge

No matter how well you cleaned and washed it inside, your refrigerator smells unpleasant. Don’t worry! Natural products will help if the commercial ones failed. Here are six tricks to try. 1. Baking soda One of the most inexpensive and effective remedies against the refrigerator’s smell is baking soda. You can use it to clean the refrigerator’s interior. Just place …

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