Limescale and pee deposits are a common problem for every toilet bowl in the world. It may seem hard to remove, making you want to change the toilet bowl completely, but you don’t have to use this extreme method.

Although, you can use chemical solutions to remove this ugly mess from the toilet bowl, but you should know that I found a simple solution which have proven its effectiveness plenty of times.

And the great advantage of this solution is that it can be affordable and simple to use, and the necessary ingredients can easily be found in any pantry.

You will need:

  • 2.5 liters of vinegar
  • toilet paper
  • a little patience


1. First, put on the rubber gloves and remove the water from the closet using a disposable cup.

2. Pour 2 liters of vinegar into the toilet bowl, and leave it to act overnight.

3. Moisten toilet paper pieces in vinegar and place them under the top of the bowl.

4. Similarly, you can apply vinegar toilet paper over the entire interior of the toilet bowl.

5. After 8 hours remove all the toilet paper.

6. Then, without flushing the vinegar inside the toilet bowl, thoroughly clean all the surfaces at the bottom of the bowl and flush.

7. Shine is the final result!

Image Credits: Onegoodthingbyjillee